Program and Guidelines

A calendar of club events is updated regularly and can be found here.

A link to the brochure of club events is provided below.

*Please note that club meetings now commence at 6:30pm (and not 7pm as advertised in this program). Prints for print competitions are also now due to be submitted by 6:30pm.

The Club has a fabulous program in place for the 2018/19 MUDCC competition year, with photographic themes set to challenge and inspire members. There are also plenty of presentations and activities planned to help increase members' skills and knowledge while having a great time with like-minded people.

Guidelines for the 2018/19 themes are provided here and inspiration image folders will be provided monthly on the Club's Facebook page where appropriate to help spark members' creativity.

Please note that the program may change from time to time due to the availability of judges and presenters. Excursions may also be added or details may change. Please check back regularly.