Printing and Resizing Images

You can find out more about having your images printed for Club print competitions, external competitions and exhibitions here.

Regarding DPI competitions, the current sizing parameters for images are as follows:

Horizontal - maximum 1920 pixels

Vertical - maximum 1080 pixels

File size - less than 2MB file size

File name - Member Number_Theme or Open_Image Title (eg: 6A_Open_Cedric Burnside)

Send to -

Please note that both
dimensions must be on or under the maximums, and your image does not need to meet the maximum dimensions on both sides if it does not suit your image. For example square images will be able to meet the maximum height but will be significantly under the maximum width. Conversely, panoramas will be able to meet the maximum width but the corresponding height is likely to be well under the maximum.

When you save your image, please also make sure that it is under 2MB.

Below are some instructions to assist with resizing images.

Resizing Images in Photoshop

Click here to read the PDF

Resizing by Cropping in Photoshop

Click here to read the PDF