Club Competitions

Our club is affiliated with the Federation of Camera Clubs of Australia and abides by their definitions, rules and regulations.

Entry Criteria and Assessment of Images

Members are divided into A and B Grades to allow assessment between photographers of similar skill level. Grades are determined at the beginning of the competition period. Grading changes will only be made prior to the commencement of a new competition period. The Committee grades new members.

The photographer must be a financial member of the MUD Camera Club to submit entries.

MUD Camera Club has two competition categories - Theme and Open. Members may submit 2 entries for the Theme category and 1 entry for the Open category. An image cannot be submitted for assessment in both categories in the same month.

Each photograph submitted for competition must be entirely your own work, including any layers and textures used. While some leeway is shown with the use of filters within photo editing software, it is not permitted for a member to use a third party's image in their work.

Theme Category entries must have been photographed in the preceding 12-month period and interpret the set Theme. This includes each element of diptychs and triptychs. The only exception to this rule is that you may enhance the image with texture layers that were originally taken more than a year ago, as long as the texture layers are your own work.

Photographers should ensure that their time and date stamp is correctly set (members of the Committe are happy to help with this). Guidelines on each Theme are provided here.
There are no restrictions on the Open Category.

A photograph may be submitted for assessment up to three times, if it has never won an award in any MUDCC competition. We encourage members to seek further feedback in this way if they believe an image has strong merit but it has not been awarded or favourably reviewed.

However, once a photograph has received an award, it cannot be submitted in any MUDCC competition again. This includes any modification of the awarded photograph, such as cropping it more tightly, changing the orientation, or converting it from monochrome to colour (or vice versa).

Please remember that you are not allowed to photograph another person's artwork and present it as your own; that is plagiarism

It is also never permissible to submit a photograph that solely portrays another person's artwork, whatever the medium including: street art, public sculptures, textile art, glass work, paintings and drawings. Such photos are merely a record of that artist's work and they do not demonstrate your own creativity.

Please note: Our judges have discretion to interpret these rules and the monthly guidelines and exercise their own judgement in applying them. Their selections will always be final in the competition they judge.

Print entries should be submitted before 6:30pm on competition night and be accompanied by the print entry form. Digital entries should be submitted to the Competitions Coordinator two weeks prior to competition night via the Club's email address

Print / Mounting Requirements and Restrictions

Print size is not to exceed A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) and mount size is not to exceed A3 (42 cm x 29.7 cm). However, prints may be any size or shape within the A4 size. The photographer's name and image title is to be clearly displayed on the rear of the mount and the orientation of the image should also be indicated to ensure that it is presented correctly.

Digitally Projected Images Requirements and Restrictions

Digital Images must be sized as follows:

Horizontal axis - maximum 1920 pixels

Vertical axis - maximum 1080 pixels

File size - less than 2MB file size (not equal or over please)

File name - Member Number_Theme or Open_Image Title
(eg: 64A_Theme_Night Owl)

Email to -

Please note that BOTH dimensions must be on or under the maximums, and your image does not need to meet the maximum dimensions on both sides if it does not suit your image.

There is further information on this in the Resizing Images page of the website.

Point Scores and Awards

Images will be appraised by the guest judge, who will confer merit and credits awards, as well as awarding an Image of the Month in each category.

Points are awarded accordingly:

Theme and Open Subjects: 1 point per entry

Merit: 5 points

Credit: 3 points

Image of the Month: 1 point

It will be at the judge's discretion as to how many merits and credits are awarded each month.

Prizes based on accumulated points are awarded at the end of the competition year which runs from July to June.